Boss AJ | Civil Construction
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Civil Construction

Over the past years we have been able to build up a strong fleet of manpower and equipment enabling us to have the capability to complete a variety of projects. We have an excellent safety record and pride ourselves on our production rate and quality work.

Our Civil Construction Services are not limited to:
  • Preparation of site plan and general layout arrangement.
  • Preparation of site survey drawings and analysis.
  • Architectural drawings including basic floor plans,roof plans, section, Elevation, schedule of finishes, doors and windows etc.
  • Design & Drafting with Auto Cad and cad conversion services with scanning and image manipulation using latest software’s.
  • Preparation of perspectives and modeling.
  • Analysis and design of concrete and steel structures.
  • Soil investigation works.
  • Construction of heavy structure foundations, U/G tanks, cable trenches, retaining walls and super structure for columns, beams and slabs.
  • Construction of industrial buildings, gantry girders, plant buildings, platforms, pipe racks etc.
  • Asphalt pavement and Road works
  • Construction of Commercial & Residential buildings.